Electric Grand Piano

A rendering of the classic CP-70B.  The instrument has been sampled but I’m still working on the mapping a bit.  I’m not sure about a release date.  This is the only large, fully featured CP-70 sample set that I know of.  It will be over two gigs in size.

Here are the features:

  • 10 velocity layers for each note
  • Release samples for each note
  • Every note is sampled—No note stretching
  • “Low memory” presets included for soft samplers without disk streaming
  • Formats include Reason NN-XT, Kontakt and Logic ESX24
  • The piano was tuned prior to sampling.  This is a short scale instrument that many piano tuners just don’t know how to tune.  If you tune this instrument based on the offsets in the manual, the bass notes will beat horribly.  The piano tuner I use has developed special offsets to properly tune this instrument.
  • Piano in pristine condition–Never taken on the road