Stats: 1.85GB total size. 6645 samples, 24 bit 44.1khz. 127 sample sets. Every note is sampled. Supported formats: NN-XT, Kontakt 3.5 or later, EXS24 and Wav. For immediate purchase and download.

Price: $65.00


ANALOG STRINGS is a sample library that covers 10 different analog string synths from the 70’s and 80’s. A string synth attempts to replicate the sound of orchestral string instruments. They are fully polyphonic and use the same divide-down oscillator technology as combo organs from the 60’s. They sound like symphonic strings crossed with an analog synth with a bit Mellotron flavor. Several of these instruments also have bass, woodwind and organ sounds. 

Multi Format

Supported formats include NN-XT for Reason, Kontakt, EXS24 and Wav. The samples and presets are not encrypted or inside of a refill or monolith. The Kontakt presets can be loaded into most soft samplers—FL Studio’s Direct Wave, Halion, Ableton Live Sampler, etc.  Requirements: The full version of Kontakt 3.5 or later, Reason 5 or later, EXS24. Throughout the collection, every note is sampled.


Korg Delta

Basic bass and organ sounds with a full featured string section. The filter is really amazing – Crank up the resonance, trigger a note and slowly sweep the cutoff. It’s like smooth, multicolored candy.

Arp Omni

This has many different orchestral sounds with an analog twist. Amazing and unique bass section, imo.

Arp String Ensemble

This is known as the most desirable and expensive string synth. Is it the best? I will leave that to you to determine. You might need to roll off the fizz on top with a LP filter but you will be rewarded with a evocative vintage tone. Made by Eminent in Belgium.

Arp Quartet

Four sections to mix and match. Like the Prelude, there are rich colors reminiscent of bucket brigade effects on some instruments.  I also think this was made by Siel.

Crumar Performer

The sound of the string section is very familiar — Like TV and movies from the 70’s and 80’s. Another great synth from Curmar.

Sequential Circuits Prelude

Very versatile with lots of instruments and voices. Rich colors reminiscent of bucket brigade effects on some instruments but without the modulation.  Made in Italy by Siel.

Elka Rhapsody

String section is very smooth and usable with no wowow modulation. Only one good sound though.

Roland RS-101

Very bright voice but with a hazy sounding filter that makes everything usable and unique.

Univox String Man

Very usable string sound and full sounding bass section but it needs to be tuned every two minutes.  I tuned each note before I sampled it.

PAiA Stringz N Thingz

Really unique and usable sound. Very quirky and analog – It can sound tame or wacky depending on the settings.

Demo Sounds

In the free downloads section of this website there is a demo pack with 4 instrument sets for Kontakt and Reason. These patches are from the the amazing Arp Omni which has 20 total instruments and combinations covered in the Analog Strings sample library. Every note is sampled. You can find it here.


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