Stats: 150MB total size. 1096 samples, 24 bit 44.1khz. Velocity switching and round robin layers. Supported formats: NN-XT, Kong, Combinator, Kontakt 3.5+, Battery 3.2.3+, Wav. For immediate purchase and download.

Price: $12.50


Analog Claps is a sample library consisting of clap samples from 11 different rare or classic drum machines and drum synths. Depending on the patch, extensive use of velocity sensitivity has been used as well as round robin sample switching.  These sample sets can be dropped into a drum kit in Reason, Battery or Kontakt. Or, any soft sampler that can import Kontakt or NN-XT files.


Supported formats include Kong and NN-XT for Reason, Kontakt, Battery and Wav. The samples and presets are not encrypted or inside of a refill or monolith. The Kontakt presets can be loaded into most soft samplers—FL Studio’s Direct Wave, Halion, Ableton Live Sampler, etc. Requirements: The full version of Kontakt 3.5 or later, Reason 5 or later.

Instrument Patches

Individual cells have been created for Battery and Kong. They’re ready to drop into a kit. Round robin layers have been mapped in Kong, NN-XT and Kontakt only. Here is a list of hardware that has been sampled:


  • 16 round robin layers

2 different 909’s

  • 16 round robin layers each


  • 11 patches each with a different tuning
  • Seamless velocity sensitivity with 11 layers
  • 4 round robin layers


  • 8 round robin layers

M.P.C. 1

Music Percussion Computer. A very rare analog drum machine that can be triggered either with drum trigger pads, a sequencer or Midi.

  • 8 round robin layers


A modern analog drum synth with extensive control over its 8 voices.

  • 8 different patches with velocity sensitivity using the clap amount, filter, high pass, noise level and verb level controls
  • 4 round robin layers for most patches

Digital Clap Trap

The only digital device in the whole set. Very clever design and implementation. Way ahead of its time!

  • 22 tunings included with three round robin layers each


When you think of ‘drum synth’, Tama does not usually come to mind. However, their Techstar line from back in the ’80’s is definitely worth checking out.

  • Default factory setting included as well as 4 other patches using the pitch, reverb and reverb decay controls

Quick Claps

If you just want to audition single clap samples and you don’t need velocity layering, the Quick Claps folder is for you. Out of 1000+ clap samples in the library, 145 have been selected for this folder.

Demo Sounds

Here is an audio sequence with 6 different clap sounds from the library.