Sample Machine is a purveyor of high quality sample libraries for a variety of formats. Sample Machine specializes in capturing vintage and obscure electronic instruments with an eye toward pop and electronic music production.

Multiformat libraries by Sample Machine can be used with a variety of different software. Kontakt and REX2 formats are widely supported in most DAW’s and soft samplers. This open, unencrypted structure gives the user more flexibility. Patches can be edited, resaved and reorganized or put into another format.  The user experience is not dependent on buggy, proprietary sample players.

Instruments are captured in high resolution with high quality converters and preamps by Lynx, A-Designs and Little Labs. Mics by Royer, Shure, Beyer and others. Sample rate conversion is done with r8brain Pro.

This site consists of product blocks and blog blocks. Some of the blog blocks have free downloadable content. All the products are available for download after purchase.  Explore the site!